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Your business is a dynamic enterprise. It can grow, build, change shape, and point in new directions in the blink of an eye. At Lakeside Executive Suites, this is how we approach office space. We don’t build boxes. We create workspaces that are as future-minded as the entrepreneurs who occupy them and that deliver the flexibility and technology required to operate on the cusp of tomorrow. Whether it’s a full-time office space, or just a meeting room for the day, we offer a range of options and services designed to help you conduct business your way.

Monthly Archives: May 2014

Trader Joe’s making their debut in South Florida.
Posted On May 19, 2014 Posted By: admin


Trader Joe’s fanatics drive for miles, pass grocery story after grocery store, just to shop at a Trader Joe’s. Why? What makes this the most favorite grocery store chain in North America, according to a recent Market Force Information research firm study? Shoppers will tell you Trader Joe’s simply has items you can’t get anywhere else. They also claim their private-label offerings are so much better than brand-name items you can buy elsewhere. At least 80 percent of items sold at Trader Joe’s have the company’s private label, from hundreds of food items to vitamins and pet food. Trader Joe’s claims its label is a guarantee that the item is free of preservatives, artificial flavors, or genetically modified ingredients.


And does different and better quality translate to higher cost? Not at Trader Joe’s. While they are trendy, they are not expensive. Think of it as a more affordable Whole Foods equivalent. Trader Joe’s says buying directly from manufacturers keeps its prices down. They even take manufacturer coupons if they carry the product. “Trader Joe’s doesn’t have ‘sales’ for a few days, only to hike the prices back up again,” the company has said in news releases. “Prices change only when their costs change. There are no fancy promotions, discount cards, or couponing wars.”


Shoppers in Palm Beach County have been begging for the California-based grocer to come for years, and on March 16th it finally happens when the retailer opens its first store in Wellington County at 2877 S. State Road 7. Three other county locations—Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens—will open later this year. The first Broward County stores are coming soon as well, with outlets planned for Pembroke Pines this year and Fort Lauderdale in 2015.


A new and different shopping adventure awaits you at Trader Joe’s. From Chile-lime chicken burgers and chocolate orange sticks to inexpensive wines, you never know what you will find from one aisle to the next. Unique, affordable, and fun, it is supermarket shopping at its finest.


Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston welcomes Trader Joe’s expansion into Broward County especially the nearby Pembroke Pines location opening later this year. We appreciate their unique offerings and affordable prices just as we enjoy providing unique business solutions and affordable prices as the premier executive office space provider in Broward County. Come take a look at the flexible workplace environment we offer with a wide range of on-demand office solutions ranging from fully equipped office space to professional meeting rooms, live bilingual answering services, prestigious business address, and the infrastructure and support needed for our clients to succeed. Lakeside Executive Suites is committed to providing flexible workspace solutions to meet the needs of our clients to work–however, whenever, wherever.


Support, space, and greater efficiency with Lakeside Executive Suites means more time for the things you enjoy—perhaps even supermarket exploration. Now that’s a win-win. To learn more visit us on the web at or call (877) 301-6197.


Source: Sun Sentinel

Digital Marketing Lingo… how savvy are you?
Posted On May 7, 2014 Posted By: admin


Digital marketing is defined as marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, and/or tablets to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing utilizes websites, e-mail, mobile apps, and social networks as its platforms to reach consumers.

So while traditional marketing has its place, digital marketing is certainly the future. And unfortunately, digital marketing gives off an intimidating first impression. The never-ending stream of lingo associated with digital marketing can be perplexing and confusing. Every business owner must come into contact with digital marketing at some point in their business lifecycle, but few can dedicate precious time and resources to speaking it, much less understanding it.

So, before you outsource your digital marketing efforts, let’s see how digital marketing savvy you are with the basics—the actual lingo itself.  How many of these acronyms do you know?


How did you do? Confused yet? Here are some quick explanations to help get you started in the ever so puzzling world of digital marketing.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing a business’ website to achieve higher organic (“unpaid”) search results.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is the practice of increasing visibility of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and SMM (social media marketing).

SMO: Social Media Optimization is the process of using social media platforms to generate more interest in your business or drive more traffic to your website.

PPC: Pay Per Click is the type of advertising where the advertiser pays based on the number of times an advertisement is clicked on.

CTR: Click Through Rate is a measurement of how many people clicked on a particular link or advertisement.

CPL: Cost Per Lead is how much an advertiser spends to acquire a lead.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy or model for managing interaction and communication with leads or current customers.

CPM: Cost Per Thousand is a type of advertising where the advertiser is charged a flat fee per thousand impressions or showings of an ad.

CMS: Content Management System is a software used to organize, edit, and publish content to a website.

CPA: Yes, it can mean Certified Public Accountant, but in this instance it is defined as Cost per Action which is a type of online advertising where the advertiser is charged based on a specific action.

CPC: Cost Per Click is a type of online advertising where the advertiser is charged based on the number of times a visitor clicks on a link.

CTA: Call to Action is a word or phrase that’s used to tell people what to do on the website or within an email. Some examples include “Learn More,” “Buy Now,” or “Sign Up.”

ROI: Return on Investment refers to how successful a specific marketing campaign is. It is the revenue generated by a campaign divided by the investment of the campaign.

In the digital marketing world, it is important to know how to “walk the talk,” and what better place to do that than Lakeside Executive Suites where other small business owners like yourself are implementing successful digital marketing strategies to grow their business. Lakeside Executive Suites is a full-service executive office space provider in South Florida and can meet all your office needs (personalized reception services, Class A meeting rooms, state-of the-art VOIP telephone system, a bilingual staff…..) while you focus on the details of running your business.

Visit us on the web at or call (877) 301-6197 to learn more.

Source: Officing Today


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