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Your business is a dynamic enterprise. It can grow, build, change shape, and point in new directions in the blink of an eye. At Lakeside Executive Suites, this is how we approach office space. We don’t build boxes. We create workspaces that are as future-minded as the entrepreneurs who occupy them and that deliver the flexibility and technology required to operate on the cusp of tomorrow. Whether it’s a full-time office space, or just a meeting room for the day, we offer a range of options and services designed to help you conduct business your way.

Monthly Archives: September 2019

Faces of Weston with Gabriela Castillo & Melissa Falconi
Posted On September 26, 2019 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

Castillo & Falconi is a boutique law firm located here in Weston, FL.  Their main goal is to cater to their clients on a one-on-one basis.  In addition to their main location, they also have several remote offices throughout South Florida.  They have the flexibility to meet with their clients at any of their locations that is most convenient to them.  With their modern approach, they are able to cater to their client’s busy schedules.

This month we sat down with Gabriela Castillo (pictured left) and Melissa Falconi (pictured right) to learn more about their law firm, how they got started, the future of their practice and why they chose Lakeside Executive Suites.

Tell us about your company and what you do?

Castillo & Falconi Law, LLC is a small law practice with remote offices in several South Florida locations. We practice in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury and Wills.

How did you get started in your industry?

Gabriela and I decided to open our firm back in 2016. We wanted to have the flexibility of working our own hours and to also be able to offer o a more personalized service to our clients.

What is something about your business that most people do not know?

We are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and we have many international clients.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We hope to have an established firm with a good reputation in the community.

Tell me about yourself?

Gabriela: Was born and raised in Miami. Earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations. I have always had a passion for politics which drove my interest in attend law school. I graduated from Nova Law in 2014 and was admitted to the FL Bar that same year. Gabriela is fluent in both English and Spanish and has been working with Personal Injury for the past 7 years.

Melissa: Was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I moved to the USA in the late ’90s. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Nova Southeastern University. I decided to attend Law School due to the difficulties of finding a trustworthy attorney when my family and I first moved to this country. I knew that if I became an attorney, I would be that trustworthy individual that people could relate and rely on. I graduated from Nova Law in 2014 and was admitted to the FL Bar that same year. Melissa is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been doing family law for the past 4 years.

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

Gabriela: I enjoy watching American Football. My favorite team is the Denver Broncos.

Melissa: I am also passionate about Fashion.  I have an Instagram page, @melissa_falconi,  where I post fashion tips for any budget.

What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Gabriela: I Enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy going out to eat, going to football games and traveling on cruise ships.  

Melissa: I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I like playing tennis, watching movies, and traveling.

Why did you choose Lakeside and how has working here helped your business?

We chose Lakeside Executive Suites because of its convenient location and services provided. Since we are still building our practice, we focus on keeping our overhead low. It was the perfect option for us and it has been working out wonderfully. Not only do we use their physical address, but we also have the front desk filter our calls, and we take advantage of the conference rooms which are perfect to meet with our clients.

To schedule an appointment with Castillo & Falconi Law, visit their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook

Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using
Posted On Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

Pretty much everything you need to do, whether in life or in business, there’s an app for that.

When you are heading up your own business, you generally wear many hats. On any given day, you’re the sales team, the accounting department, admin services, and customer support. It’s all possible, but at the risk of running yourself ragged, a little help goes a long way.

Productivity and time management are vital entrepreneurial skills. If you’re flying solo, you want to do everything you need to do as efficiently as possible. But if you can’t afford a staff to run interference for you, no rule says you can’t get a little help from an electronic friend.

Best productivity apps for entrepreneurs

To help you narrow down the field, we’ve curated some of our favorite apps right here:


Evernote makes task management effortless. Whether you’re taking notes in a meeting or sharing documents with colleagues, or collecting ideas as you browse the web, Evernote will be your virtual back pocket.


If you work with remote teams, Slack is the app for you. It enables you to create different groups, message people individually or as a team, share files, and more. There is even a feature that allows you to place phone calls from within the app itself. It also syncs between your devices so you can go from desktop to mobile without missing a beat.


We all get inspired in different ways. When you’re browsing the web or an app, it’s easy to pass over something juicy just because you don’t have the time. Pocket is an app that helps you organize all of these thoughts by allowing you to save links, documents, articles, videos, tweets, and more for later viewing. With more than 1500 integrations, you’ll be a veritable fountain of new ideas. Best of all, it’s cloud-based so you can access your saved information on any device, anytime.


Having trouble balancing your accounts or sticking to your budget? Mint keeps your money organized, helps you stay on top of your bills, and allows you to create budgets that really work. Manage all of your accounts from a single interface that can be accessed on your smartphone. It even offers customized money-saving investment tips that can help keep your finances in great shape as you build your business.


The tried-and-true cloud storage solution keeps getting better and better. In addition to being an online locker for your files, Dropbox allows you to share files with anybody, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. You can also edit versions of files from within the app. It comes with a couple of GBs of free storage, but upgrading to 2TB is as low as $9.99 per month.

These are just a handful of the apps we use every day. Do you have any favorites? We’d love to hear about them. Drop by Lakeview Executive Suites for a tour today and let’s talk tech!

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