Best habits to cultivate to achieve work-life balance

September 12, 2018

Jason Tiemeier

You’re a successful entrepreneur. You love working for yourself and things are going well. However, even if you love your work like you love breathing air, everyone has to take some downtime in order to feel fulfilled and happy in the long-term. Work-life balance is an essential part of wellness and cultivating some good habits to achieve it will actually help you improve your productivity, not the opposite.

Here are some great habits to get into in the effort to achieve better work-life balance:

1.    Set boundaries

In our 24/7 uber-connected world, there is an expectation of being able to reach somebody at any hour of the day, any day of the week. In reality, this is not sustainable. You need to set clear boundaries for yourself in order to maintain your sanity. Whether it’s not responding to work email or calls after a certain hour or vowing to not look at your phone on date night, you need to create a separation between you and your work. The work, after all, will still be there when you’re ready to dive back in. Your significant other, maybe not so much.

2.    Unplug, disconnect

Whether you realize it or not, technology causes a great deal of anxiety. If you are constantly connected, you aren’t giving yourself the chance to unwind and be yourself. Even if you identify yourself with your work, you need to take time to focus on other things too. By sticking to this rule you will be freeing up time for others who care about you and giving yourself a much-needed respite. Once you power up again, you will be fully recharged and ready for what comes next. To help disconnect, there are answering services for entrepreneurs that will even answer all your business calls for you.

3.    Take real vacations

It happens all the time in this day and age: we take time off and jet away, only to become embroiled in work activities the moment we hit the tarmac at our destination. Removing yourself from work takes some effort, though. You need to let your clients and colleagues know that you will not be available between certain dates. Let them know who they can speak to while you’re gone and then absolve yourself of responsibility. You might just rediscover a lost part of yourself in the process.

4.    Plan social activities

If you’re a self-described “workaholic”, your friends probably know they can’t count on you for much. But think about how lonely it will be when the work is all done and you don’t have any friends anymore. Make time for your friends, family, and loved ones by scheduling time for them. This will let them know that you truly care about them and it will help you build stronger relationships outside of work. Studies show that an active social life can help boost productivity because you are able to clear your head and come back to your responsibilities with renewed focus.

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