• Prestigious Business Address
  • Online Meeting Room and Workspace Booking
  • Fast & Secure Internet Connectivity & Wi-Fi
  • Access to Copier/Printers/Fax/Scan
  • 24/7 Access to Workspace and Meeting Rooms
  • On-site Business Support & Concierge Services
  • Individual Temperature Control
  • Networking Events
  • Professional Bilingual Reception & Call Answering Services
  • Ample Free Parking
  • Conveniently Located Within Minutes of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach
  • Business Lounge with Complimentary Gourmet Coffee & Tea

We all have missions. Ours is creating office space for yours.
One Size Does Not Fit All. BUT ONE BUSINESS ADDRESS ... YES!
Our focus is Flexibility.

Your business is a dynamic enterprise. It can grow, build, change shape, and point in new directions in the blink of an eye. At Lakeside Executive Suites, this is how we approach office space. We don’t build boxes. We create workspaces that are as future-minded as the entrepreneurs who occupy them and that deliver the flexibility and technology required to operate on the cusp of tomorrow. Whether it’s a full-time office space, or just a meeting room for the day, we offer a range of options and services designed to help you conduct business your way.

Resources for SMEs and Entrepreneurs to Weather the COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted On March 30, 2020 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

As the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic starts to affect entrepreneurs and small businesses in Lakeside have created a compilation of local and federal aid available to our clients to help them weather this emergency successfully. 

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

This government agency provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. They summarize their activities as the “3 C’s” of Capital, Contracts, and Counseling. 

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you might want to look into their Disaster Loan Programs, which have been updated to reflect the latest developments with regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the impact it already has had on the economy. 

Through their Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, every small business owner is eligible to apply for a low-interest loan due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) of up to $2 million in working capital.

The SBA also has several loan resources available, including express loans, microloans, exporting loans, and many more.

Head to the SBA’s website for more information.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act

Signed into law on March 27th, 2020, this bill addresses the economic impacts of, and otherwise responds to, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The bill authorizes emergency loans to distressed businesses. The bill also provides funding for $1,200 tax rebates to individuals, with an additional $500 payments per qualifying child. The rebate begins phasing out when incomes exceed $75,000 (or $150,000 for joint filers). The bill establishes limits on requirements for employers to provide paid leave.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook is also offering financial support to small businesses in the form of cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible businesses worldwide. They will be taking in applications in the next few weeks and you can sign up to receive more information as it becomes available. 

Check out their website here.

The Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program

This state-funded, short term, interest-free working capital loan program of up to $50,000 is available to Florida for-profit businesses with 2 to 100 employees. You can apply until May 8, 2020.

How to Grow and Expand Your Business With a Virtual Office
Posted On February 11, 2019 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

Starting a new business can be a serious drain on your finances. If you are like many startups, you are likely launching with a small team—possibly only yourself—and finding ways to stay lean as you establish yourself is crucial. A virtual office is a great way to grow and expand your business, offering all the amenities of a corporate office without the big overhead.

Need more convincing? Here are more ways a virtual office can help you get your business off the ground:

1.    Gain credibility

No matter how brilliant your product or service is, your company won’t have the same cachet if your business address is your home. A virtual office package gives you a business address and much more besides, such as live telephone answering services, mail handling, and more. Having a professional image goes a long way to instilling confidence in what you have to offer, and it may well help you advance more quickly than you would be able to while working from home.

2.    Flexibility

Remaining agile, especially in the early stages, is something to strive for. A virtual office is a nimble solution as you can have access to high-end office amenities like meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and administrative support on-demand. This means that you’ll only pay for what you need when you need it. The rest of the time, you can save the money you would normally be spending for your office lease and channel it into something more useful, like technology, innovation or marketing.

3.    Expand to new locations

If you are unsure of whether your business is going to fly, a virtual office space is a way to test the waters. It reduces the risk you would typically take on while entering new markets, allowing you to have a local presence in uncharted territory without having to outfit a new office. The low operating costs along with the month-to-month terms supports your needs without compromise – and if things don’t work out, you can move on without a lot of trouble.

4.    Hire top talent from around the world

Think of what you can do with all the money you won’t be spending on office space! When you’re not locked into a location, that portion of your budget can be freed up to hire top talent from anywhere in the world. Whether you are building a global team or just looking for some freelance expertise to support some of your projects, a virtual office gives you the freedom to work the way you want to work. Since your business isn’t tied to a physical location, you can make hiring decisions that are not based on how close a person lives to your office.

Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston, FL, offers affordable virtual office packages to help your business grow. Call today to learn more about what a virtual office can do for you.




How Coworking has Changed the Way We Work
Posted On January 26, 2019 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier


As remote working, freelancing, and entrepreneurship continues to strengthen the foundations of our economy, coworking has established itself as a viable way to work, build a business, meet and network with other, like-minded individuals.

How coworking benefits companies

Looking beyond the benefits to the individual, coworking is good for companies too. It has also allowed larger companies the ability to downsize, to let go of unused office space and instead provide employees with an open office environment that allows them the freedom they want while still maintaining a connection to their teams and their mission.

For companies that maintain teams in multiple cities, coworking provides them with an affordable option that makes growth possible. Maintaining coworking memberships helps companies provide their employees with every possible office amenity without having to outfit a new office and it supports profitability even during times of scale.


The evolution of coworking spaces

Coworking began in a tiny one-room space in San Francisco. Of course, there were precursors to it … the hackerspaces and makerspaces of 1990s Berlin came first, and then there were small business “incubators” or innovation centers that started popping up all over the world not long thereafter.

However, the first true coworking space was opened in 2005 by a coder named Brad Neuberg who was simply sick of working by himself. He was a social guy by nature, but, working remotely for his various clients was a lonely business and he felt that he would be more productive and happier if he could share his workspace with others just like him.

The idea was a bit of a sleeper, but it took off. Actually, even though the space itself was unremarkable (compared to many of today’s examples), Brad’s version of coworking was not lacking for amenities. As he shared space with a wellness center, massages and meditation were part of the picture, right from the beginning.

Many “oms” later, slowly and purposefully, coworking grew into a living, breathing thing. From such humble beginnings, his movement grew into a revolution. Today, there are almost 15,000 coworking spaces all over the world. It has disrupted the way we work, it has disrupted the real estate industry, and it has shown us how to look beyond the cubicle and forward into a world that values innovation and the power of collaboration.

Today, coworking has become an integral part of many business’ success. It provides entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with affordable options for building their companies. It supports global enterprise with a platform that allows them to scale with ease, and it is also an avenue that provides companies of any size the ability to optimize their workspaces without compromising productivity.


Has coworking changed the way you work? We would love to hear about it! Drop by Lakeside Executive Suites for a tour of our coworking space and discover how we can help you grow.

Getting Focused to Start the New Year
Posted On January 14, 2019 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

We all head into a new year with a lot of goals that we are totally motivated to accomplish. Finish the great American novel. Lose 20 pounds. Go to the gym more regularly. Land more new clients. Get out of debt.

But … what generally begins with a big push generally ends up getting derailed by circumstances beyond our control. Stuff happens, after all.

So, if you’re looking back on 2018 and trying to get a handle on what you actually did accomplish, you might find that some of your plans took a left turn here and there. And there may well have been good reasons for that, so don’t beat yourself up too much.

However, there are reasons that perfectly well-laid plans go awry. Knowing what these chicanes are may help you overcome them in the year ahead. Some of the reasons you may have lost focus include:


Lack of clarity. Your plan may not have been executable because there wasn’t much thought put into it in the first place. Without a plan, you lay yourself open to distraction and having to jump on other priorities as they present themselves.

Solution: Map out your path to success. Put it on the schedule. Prioritize it.


Setting too lofty a goal. If your goal is largely unachievable by any standards, it’s not likely you will get there.

Solution: If you want to increase your business, set a realistic goal of five percent growth. If you exceed it, celebrate!


You’re a procrastinator. If your goal is going to be difficult and you’re a procrastinator by nature, you run the risk of putting it on the back burner only to reapply it to next year’s list of resolutions.

Solution: Break difficult tasks down into smaller chunks and work them into your workflow in a comfortable way. Each step towards your goal will help you will gain the momentum you need to crack it open.


Getting focused in 2019: connecting smaller tasks to the big picture

Sometimes, we announce our goals without thinking about where the whole process is going to end up several years down the line. Connecting your immediate goals to a broader vision of the future helps to keep things in perspective. The ultimate goal may be unreachable in the short-term and things may change dramatically between now and then but being able to visualize the end result will help keep you on track – even if you have to readjust for market trends and other circumstances beyond your control.

So, if the ultimate goal is 25 years from now, you’ll have to look at shorter increments of time to set milestones in between. 90-day intervals are doable chunks of time and, generally, you will be able to see energizing results based on your efforts, tweak your methodology, and move forward into the next 90 days with confidence.

90 days is enough time to accomplish a lot. It also provides a high level of clarity along with a sense of urgency. At the end of it, you will move on to the next 90-day goal with renewed purpose, taking yet another step forward towards your ultimate goal.

Do you have any tips for staying focused? We’d love to hear about them! If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, reach out today to find out how we can help you grow.


Ending the Year with Charitable Giving
Posted On November 30, 2018 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

As the end of 2018 draws closer, our thoughts naturally turn to the holidays and giving. For businesses of any size, charitable giving has long been a way to end the year right. It’s a great way to ease the tax burden, but best of all, it’s a way to get involved with causes that mean something to you and to make a difference in lives of those less fortunate.

At Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston, FL, we have chosen a cause that is very dear to our hearts. Children’s Harbor is a community organization dedicated to helping children in foster care, siblings, and teen mothers a place to belong and call home during some of the most trying times of their young lives.

They provide residential services and more, offering counseling, mentoring, and a way for siblings in care to stay together while issues such as abuse or neglect are being addressed.

They also offer residential maternity support for pregnant foster teens between the ages of 14 and 18 years, helping to break the cycle of abuse by helping them complete their education while addressing medical, psychological, and mental health issues that may impede their progress to independent living.

Of course, there is so much more that Children’s Harbor does, but the point is that they are providing essential supports for vulnerable children as well as the people who need it most. During the holidays, it is especially important to ensure that the children in their care have the ability to delight in the season and smile with the joy it brings. This is something we feel should be their right and we are proud to count ourselves as part of the solution.


Charitable giving for businesses: how to do it

If you are a new business, you may not have thought a great deal about charitable giving and what it means to you.

Here are some tips that you might find helpful:

1.    Choose a charity that has meaning to you

Just as Children’s Harbor has meaning to us, you can find a cause that pulls at your heartstrings. Heart and Stroke, cancer research, a local hospice, church group, humane society, homeless shelter, or mission are all great organizations you can consider.

2.    Time is just as valuable as money

Even if you don’t have a lot to give in the way of cash, you could find ways to help that are hugely supportive that don’t necessarily involve money. Help out by donating your time or business services to a local charity. Saving them money is just as valuable as giving it.

3.    Do your research

Don’t get taken in by a scammer this holiday season. There are plenty of disreputable people out there ready to relieve you of your cash for a cause that is either shady or non-existent. Check national non-profit databases like or Charity Navigator to be sure your donations are not falling into the wrong hands.

Do you have a favorite charity? We’d love to hear about it! Drop by Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston anytime and find out more about how we can help.


A Recap of Florida Industry Growth in 2014 with Lakeside Executive Suites
Posted On July 3, 2015 Posted By: admin

Economic development in the Sunshine State last year far surpassed nationwide growth according the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis report. It even surpassed the state’s performance in 2013 which is all great news for local business owners and residents. A flourishing economy is the ideal breeding ground for future development and best case scenario for existing industry.

In terms of economic growth, Florida came in 11th among the 50 U.S. states in 2014, moving up 7 notches from last year. This new data makes Florida the second best performance state along the Eastern coastline. An upward trend is developing and it’s one that South Florida residents and business owners would like to see continue.

As typical with any year-to-year statistical data, certain industries did fare better than others, and some that had topped the state’s growth chart in 2013 did not perform as well last year. Florida’s agriculture, fishing and hunting industry saw the second-biggest loss in 2014, after posting the biggest percentage growth in 2013. It was one of three industries that shrank in 2014, which might be because it’s one of the smallest industries in the state.

Nine South Florida financial institutions made’s Top 200 lists of the healthiest banks and credit unions in America. The online banking information hub ranks banks and credit unions nationwide using Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and National Credit Union Administration data. The lists are based on an analysis of credit troubles, risk, available capital, and deposit growth.

Of Florida’s 67 counties, Palm Beach and Broward County were among the Top 10 for the most incoming investments, according to a report from New York-based SmartAsset.

The study considered four metrics: business establishment growth, GDP growth, new building permits and municipal bond investments over a two-year period. With increased local investment and economic expansion, this study shows that Palm Beach and Broward County are experiencing balanced, consistent incoming investments…which means there is no better time than now to take part in the robust economic and industrial growth in these two communities.

Fortunately, Lakeside Executive Suites has everything you need to get started. Lakeside Executive Suites is Broward County’s premier choice for full service office space and virtual office solutions. We have everything your business needs from a prestigious business address to executive meeting rooms, live phone answering service, mail receipt and mail forwarding services, reception services, and a dedicated professional administrative support staff. Lakeside Executive Suites would like to help you become a part of the economic opportunity that awaits in Broward County. Visit us on the web at or call (954) 389-2511 to learn more.

Source: South Florida Business Journal

A Bright Future for Broward County
Posted On June 15, 2015 Posted By: admin

Broward County is finally getting the attention it deserves.  What use to be hailed as a “pass-through community” is now getting recognized as a prime location for redevelopment.  “The airport expansion, new hotels, renovations to major thoroughfares and retail areas all bode well for the city,” said Rachel Bach, acting executive director with the Dania Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. The city is estimating more than $150 million in new development in the coming years. The renewed interest in the area comes as no surprise to Bach who claims “location-wise, we’re perfectly situated”.

Dania Beach has been one of those communities that people overlooked as they drove along Interstate 95 in spite of the fact it’s home to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, several yachting centers, and an iconic roller coaster. However, developers and city officials have big plans on the horizon for Broward County which include tearing down that iconic roller coaster and building 1,000 apartments, 800,000 square feet of office space, and 1 million square feet of retail and hotels along the interstate.

Nearby, the Design Center of the Americas is also doing a major redevelopment along with the neighboring Sheraton which is being converted to a high-end hotel. To the east, Dania Jai-Alai is currently undergoing a yearlong, $50 million renovation project to bolster its gaming offerings. The well-known “Antique Row” along Federal Highway is also part of a downtown redevelopment project that will refresh the retail presence, but also include Dania Place, a mixed-use condo and commercial development. To the north, the airport recently completed the elevation and expansion of the south runway, and finishing touches are being put on U.S. 1 through the area.

Come be a part of the growth, revitalization, and economic opportunity that is happening all around Broward County by choosing Lakeside Executive Suites as your workspace provider. Lakeside Executive Suites is Weston’s premier choice for full service office space and virtual office solutions. Our executive meeting rooms, live phone answering service, mail receipt and mail forwarding services, reception service, and prestigious business address set us apart from other work space providers.  Come see for yourself the difference you can expect with Lakeside Executive Suites.

To learn more visit us on the web at or call (954) 389-2511.

Source: South Florida Business Journal

Finding the Right Executive Office Space in South Florida
Posted On July 27, 2014 Posted By: admin


When it comes to work and play in South Florida, finding a place to play is no problem—a day at the beach, local parks, a multitude of retail stores and restaurants—but finding the best executive office space is a whole different story.


Executive office space comes in many shapes and sizes, so finding the best one for your business can be a daunting task. And the problem seems even greater for young, growing companies. With often time’s limited experience, staff, and financial resources, young companies face new and different challenges. A business’ model and its associated needs can change so it is crucial to find an office space that is most tailored to your specific situation with flexibility to add on or take away services.


Questions to ask yourself:
• Do you need a distraction-free workplace or more open, collaborative environments?
• Do you feel confident in signing a long-term lease?
• What amenities does your business require to better serve your clients?
• Is the location ideal for your business needs?


So, let’s talk time. Especially with newer, smaller companies, it’s important to make sure you don’t get locked into a lease that’s longer than you need. You may have only 10 employees now, but you could have 60 in six months. Generally speaking, you should never sign a lease that doesn’t work for your long-term business plan.


If time is a concern, look no further than Lakeside Executive Suites. With Lakeside Executive Suites, you don’t have to be locked into an office space that may or may not work for your company down the road. We offer license agreements from one month to a year.


Layout is also a very important factor to consider. If you’re a technology or creative company, you’ll likely want an open space, as ideas grow from collaboration. On the other hand, if you’re a small law firm, you might want something more office-focused. Clients want to discuss sensitive matters behind closed doors.


If closed doors and privacy are what you need, Lakeside Executive Suites has day offices, private office space with multi-suite opportunities, conference rooms, and meeting rooms. If openness and community are what you need, we offer a brand new professionally designed coworking space as well.


Amenities can make or break an office space, so make sure a location aligns with your needs. Make two lists: one of amenities your company “needs to have” and another of the ones you’d “like to have.” Use these to guide your search.


If Amenities are what you need, then look no further than Lakeside Executive Suites. We’ve got them all–Class A fully furnished office space to a bi-lingual staff, ultra-high speed connectivity, call forwarding and screening, toll free and local numbers, a prestigious business address, personalized reception services, Class A meeting rooms, state-of the-art VOIP telephone system, and many more.


And most importantly…cost. When determining how much you’re willing to spend, focus on your ideal monthly spend and don’t forget to calculate the hidden costs like utilities, furniture and other office fees. (When you’re starting from scratch, these things can add up.) Keep in mind that a number of factors — particularly price and availability– will vary depending on the location in which you’re searching.


When it comes to affordability, Lakeside Executive Suites is your only option for executive office space. Our industry standard is what you will pay extra for at other office space providers. We offer fully furnished office space (no furniture expense) and utility and janitorial service (no extra costs) all provided in a state-of-the-art facility in a premier location which gives you that prestigious business address you desire for your company.


Finding the right office is no small task, but Lakeside Executive Suites has just made the job a lot easier. We have everything your business needs to grow and thrive which allows you to work smarter and play harder. To learn more call (877) 301-6197 or visit us on the web at




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Fort Lauderdale Awarded 2014 All-America City Award
Posted On July 16, 2014 Posted By: admin


Since 1949, the All-America City Award has been given each year to at least ten communities for outstanding civic accomplishments. It recognizes communities for successfully addressing pressing challenges such as housing, government innovation, job development, educational improvement, and neighborhood and commercial revitalization.


“We are honored to be one of only 10 communities nationwide selected as an All-America City,” said Fort Lauderdale Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler. “Our Citywide Vision and Strategic Plan reflect our commitment to working in partnership with our neighbors to address challenges and develop transformative solutions to move our city forward.”


For two days, groups of civic leaders and community activists from 25 cities met in Denver to present their stories of positive change to a jury of civic experts and to also network and exchange ideas and insights.


Three major initiatives taking place in Fort Lauderdale were highlighted as examples of positive meaningful change:


• The Dillard Innovation Zone Promise Neighborhood, an initiative of the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, that is cultivating community and business collaborations to support school improvement, health service interventions, mentoring, enhanced classroom technology, reading and literacy initiatives at Dillard Elementary School and initiating innovative solutions to reinvigorate a neighborhood in need.


• The redevelopment of Flagler Village, a downtown neighborhood that has been transformed from a desolate and abandoned warehouse district into a center for arts and culture. Flagler Village’s popular monthly Art Walks are a celebration of the neighborhood’s innovation, vision and urban lifestyle, as well as a strong sign of the area’s rebirth


• Northwest Gardens, a neighborhood development located in the city’s Northwest Community Redevelopment Area, is an affordable housing project that promotes healthy living by providing residents with places to walk and bike safely, community gardens and fruit trees, energy efficient housing, solar streetlights, self-sufficiency training, job training, and cultural activities.


“Through bold ideas, innovative partnerships, and passionate civic engagement, we are building community, enhancing quality of life, and making Fort Lauderdale an outstanding place to live, work, play, visit, and raise a family,” commented Mayor Seiler.


Come be a part of a community in South Florida that is strong, stable, and progressive. Lakeside Executive Suites in Broward County would like to partner with you to take your entrepreneurial dreams and goals to the next level. From fully furnished office space, first-class amenities, personalized reception services, Class A meeting rooms, state-of the-art VOIP telephone system, to a bilingual staff, we offer the space, the prestigious business address, and the support to make it happen.


Visit us on the web at or call (877) 301-6197 to learn more.


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Trader Joe’s making their debut in South Florida.
Posted On May 19, 2014 Posted By: admin


Trader Joe’s fanatics drive for miles, pass grocery story after grocery store, just to shop at a Trader Joe’s. Why? What makes this the most favorite grocery store chain in North America, according to a recent Market Force Information research firm study? Shoppers will tell you Trader Joe’s simply has items you can’t get anywhere else. They also claim their private-label offerings are so much better than brand-name items you can buy elsewhere. At least 80 percent of items sold at Trader Joe’s have the company’s private label, from hundreds of food items to vitamins and pet food. Trader Joe’s claims its label is a guarantee that the item is free of preservatives, artificial flavors, or genetically modified ingredients.


And does different and better quality translate to higher cost? Not at Trader Joe’s. While they are trendy, they are not expensive. Think of it as a more affordable Whole Foods equivalent. Trader Joe’s says buying directly from manufacturers keeps its prices down. They even take manufacturer coupons if they carry the product. “Trader Joe’s doesn’t have ‘sales’ for a few days, only to hike the prices back up again,” the company has said in news releases. “Prices change only when their costs change. There are no fancy promotions, discount cards, or couponing wars.”


Shoppers in Palm Beach County have been begging for the California-based grocer to come for years, and on March 16th it finally happens when the retailer opens its first store in Wellington County at 2877 S. State Road 7. Three other county locations—Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens—will open later this year. The first Broward County stores are coming soon as well, with outlets planned for Pembroke Pines this year and Fort Lauderdale in 2015.


A new and different shopping adventure awaits you at Trader Joe’s. From Chile-lime chicken burgers and chocolate orange sticks to inexpensive wines, you never know what you will find from one aisle to the next. Unique, affordable, and fun, it is supermarket shopping at its finest.


Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston welcomes Trader Joe’s expansion into Broward County especially the nearby Pembroke Pines location opening later this year. We appreciate their unique offerings and affordable prices just as we enjoy providing unique business solutions and affordable prices as the premier executive office space provider in Broward County. Come take a look at the flexible workplace environment we offer with a wide range of on-demand office solutions ranging from fully equipped office space to professional meeting rooms, live bilingual answering services, prestigious business address, and the infrastructure and support needed for our clients to succeed. Lakeside Executive Suites is committed to providing flexible workspace solutions to meet the needs of our clients to work–however, whenever, wherever.


Support, space, and greater efficiency with Lakeside Executive Suites means more time for the things you enjoy—perhaps even supermarket exploration. Now that’s a win-win. To learn more visit us on the web at or call (877) 301-6197.


Source: Sun Sentinel

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