On-Demand Meeting Rooms for Entrepreneurs on the Go

October 11, 2016

Jason Tiemeier

This day in age, convenience reigns supreme in terms of what consumers value most. Things like endless smartphone apps and online customer service have evolved to provide fast, simple ways for consumers to get the assistance they need. Customers are not only looking for ultimate convenience but convenience without commitment. This same expectation holds true in the corporate world, where the days of strictly formal offices are dwindling and the definition of a professional environment is getting a facelift.

Big ideas are born and great concepts are sold in an environment that facilitates brainstorming. Though brilliant ideas often come to us in our cars, in the shower, or when we’re drifting off to sleep in bed, the presentation or pitch of these ideas still requires a professional setting. Whether your company is a startup or your business is in its growing stages, flexible workspaces like Lakeside Executive Suites offers on-demand meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and a professional environment at your fingertips.Take advantage of all the resources that come with a corporate office, with none of the commitment, and without breaking the budget.

The meeting rooms at Lakeside Executive Suites are an efficient, cost-effective alternative for those who don’t work out of a permanent office, or prefer to have a satellite location to accommodate clients. They can be easily booked online by the hour, day, or week. For entrepreneurs that frequently utilize meeting rooms, packages are available for 8, 16, or 24 hours per month, offering up to a 50% savings on hourly rates. With 24/7 access, you can schedule on your own terms, eliminating the need for traditional business hours and providing your clients with invaluable convenience.

Whiteboards, flat screens, conference phones, free parking, and additional services including notary, copy, fax, translations, catering, and administrative services are also available.

To learn more about on-demand meeting space or to book a meeting room, please visit this link.

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