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We all have missions. Ours is creating office space for yours.
One Size Does Not Fit All. BUT ONE BUSINESS ADDRESS ... YES!
Our focus is Flexibility.

Your business is a dynamic enterprise. It can grow, build, change shape, and point in new directions in the blink of an eye. At Lakeside Executive Suites, this is how we approach office space. We don’t build boxes. We create workspaces that are as future-minded as the entrepreneurs who occupy them and that deliver the flexibility and technology required to operate on the cusp of tomorrow. Whether it’s a full-time office space, or just a meeting room for the day, we offer a range of options and services designed to help you conduct business your way.

3 Reasons to Bring Workers Back to the Office
Posted On April 19, 2021 Posted By: Ysel Hernandez

It has now been a year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and it seems like the emergency is slowly coming to an end. With vaccine rollout already underway, businesses are starting to think about how they can encourage workers to come back to the office. 

Despite the fact that companies have realized that working remotely can work, the role of the office continues to be as important as ever. Moving forward, companies want to continue providing the flexibility that remote work allows, while still finding opportunities to bring workers together in person. 

Employers aren’t the only ones thinking about going back to the office; employees have figured out after a year that working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be. The reality of using an inadequate space as an improvised home office was soon reflected on declining productivity, inability to concentrate fully on tasks, a slow internet connection, and many other problems that made employees actually want to come back to the office.

If you are still unsure if you should bring your employees back into a workplace environment, here are 3 reasons why you should: 

Health and Wellbeing

It is true that the pandemic made us hyper aware about our own physical health, but less consideration has been made on our overall wellbeing including mental health. A study by Columbia University looked at the experiences of people around the world and found incidences of depression and anxiety across North America, Europe and Asia. This has been linked to the lack of social connections and  the distancing we’ve had to endure. 

Work is a place where we not only can connect with colleagues, but balance our work life and home life which seems to have blended in the past year. The opportunity to come back to work at an office, even if it’s a shared workspace, provides employees social interaction, variety and the opportunity to separate work and home. 

Improved communication

The internet and Zoom has made it easy for people to communicate with one another while working from home, however, it hasn’t been able to completely fulfill the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Remote workers quickly realized that their communication wasn’t as effective as what they had in the office, and with slower home internet, video conferencing has become quite frustrating. 

Having everyone back in the office, even if just part-time,  will definitely help improve not only communication, but will help increase employee engagement, create workplace harmony, and boost productivity. 

Strengthen company culture

No matter how hard companies try to maintain some sort of connection via virtual meetings, virtual chat rooms or virtual team building activities, employees working from home may start feeling completely detached from their employers. As humans, we tend to focus mostly on what is right in front of us which makes it difficult for business owners and managers to stay engaged with every employee. 

Working in an office on the other hand makes it easy for companies to build a strong company culture, as it is way more natural to build and strengthen relationships face-to-face. For companies that have decided to reduce their office real estate during the pandemic, shared workspaces such as executive suites and coworking spaces allow them the opportunity to book a meeting room for weekly or biweekly team meetings which can help strengthen company culture. 

Working from the office is never perfect, but neither is working from home. With the right workspace and business tools, flexibility at work can be a great option to workers back to the office. Lakeside Executive Suites in Weston, Florida offers workspaces designed with the flexible business in mind. Whether you need a private office, coworking space, or meeting rooms, we can help streamline your transition back to the office. Contact us today for more information.

The Many Benefits of Offsite Meetings
Posted On May 14, 2019 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

Meetings are a necessary component of any successful business. They help you to connect with your stakeholders and stay on top of crucial and timely details, but every small business owner can probably agree, meetings sometimes aren’t as productive as they could be.

If this is occasionally the case at your company, consider the many benefits of offsite meetings as they could be a way for you to breathe some new life and energy into the “same old-same old.”

The truth is, we spend a lot of time in meetings. Studies show that managers, in particular, attend in the range of 60 meetings every single month. For an activity that consumes so much of our time, it’s in everybody’s best interests to make sure these meetings are delivering the results you need.

Here are some of the benefits of offsite meetings:

1. Offsite meeting benefit #1: improve productivity

Offsite meetings bring your team into a fresh, new environment. Since you won’t be in the office, you will be removed from the usual distractions, such as ringing phones and other demands on your time and attention. Attendees will focus on the planned topic; resulting in improved productivity with your meetings.

2. Offsite meeting benefit #2: access to amenities

Holding an offsite meeting allows you to access technology that you don’t have at your home office, like state-of-the-art video conferencing or audio/visual equipment that can take your presentations to the next level.

3. Offsite meeting benefit #3: employee networking

For companies that have more than one location or who employ remote workers, an offsite meeting gives you the chance to bring everybody together. No matter how well your team works together, having a personal connection is always beneficial to the result.

4. Offsite meeting benefit #4: encourage innovation

Innovation tends to stagnate when people are looking at the same four walls, the same people, the same view out the window. New perspectives encourage new ideas, and this is what your business growth hinges on. Additionally, people tend to cling to what’s familiar and can easily get stuck in a rut; an offsite meeting will expose them to new faces, encourage interaction outside of their comfort zone, and stimulate new perspectives.

5. Offsite meeting benefit #5: show your teams that you care

While your staff might not jump at the thought of yet another meeting, they will likely be excited at the prospect of getting out of the office and having a change of scenery. With an upgraded meeting experience, a nice lunch, and the opportunity for some face time with team members they don’t often see, you’ll be demonstrating how much you value their contribution.

Are you looking for a location to hold offsite meetings? Our meeting rooms are available by the hour, day, or week, giving you access to the latest technology and every possible amenity to make your meeting a success. Call today to learn more about how we can help.

How Coworking Powers Weston’s Economy and Community
Posted On March 13, 2017 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

Coworking has revolutionized the way people choose to work. For many, it has become the obvious choice to set up shop and get down to business. And if you’re wondering, yes, the coworking phenomenon has a place in Weston too.

Yet, many still feel skeptical about coworking; they just don’t get it. This, of course, happens among those who haven’t had a coworking experience, those that haven’t been lucky enough to walk into a space and interact with the people there and see first hand what all the rave is about.

Here’s a quick hint–it’s not the design, or the location, or the amazing coffee (although these all certainly help). It’s the people factor that draws many in and keeps them in. Simply said, coworking wouldn’t be the hit it is if it weren’t for the sense of community it consistently fosters.

And while you might be thinking that this applies only inside the walls of the physical space; that is not true. The impact coworking spaces have on the local community goes beyond providing networking opportunities and shared resources to get work done.

Here’s how coworking spaces are powering Weston’s economy and community by encouraging innovation and promoting local businesses.

These spaces are the physical manifestation of community and collaboration. Regardless of your trade, these workspaces welcome anyone and everyone, finding ways to make it easier for you or your business to succeed. Successful business, as you know, drive a healthy and strong economy.

Because they are located in the heart of neighborhoods, these spaces allow for people to easily walk or to commute via public transportation. Not only does this allow people to get to know their surrounding environments better, it also means that they are more likely to step into a restaurant or coffeeshop for a quick break, keeping the business going for many local companies.

Coworking members actively seek ways in which they can collaborate with one another and help each other out. Whether you’re an accountant needing a programmer, or a designer needing a writer, chances are you will find someone that’s a fit within your coworking community or they will know someone that knows someone. No need to outsource or hire a total stranger–it’ll be someone that will feel more of a personal bond with your project and what you want to accomplish.

If you’re not convinced yet, come check us out. We promise you’ll want to keep coming back. Find out more about coworking spaces in Weston here.


On-Demand Meeting Rooms for Entrepreneurs on the Go
Posted On October 11, 2016 Posted By: Jason Tiemeier

A stressed out entrepreneur who is working quickly with many different computers in a meeting room


This day in age, convenience reigns supreme in terms of what consumers value most. Things like endless smartphone apps and online customer service have evolved to provide fast, simple ways for consumers to get the assistance they need. Customers are not only looking for ultimate convenience but convenience without commitment. This same expectation holds true in the corporate world, where the days of strictly formal offices are dwindling and the definition of a professional environment is getting a facelift.

Big ideas are born and great concepts are sold in an environment that facilitates brainstorming. Though brilliant ideas often come to us in our cars, in the shower, or when we’re drifting off to sleep in bed, the presentation or pitch of these ideas still requires a professional setting. Whether your company is a startup or your business is in its growing stages, flexible workspaces like Lakeside Executive Suites offers on-demand meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and a professional environment at your fingertips.Take advantage of all the resources that come with a corporate office, with none of the commitment, and without breaking the budget.

The meeting rooms at Lakeside Executive Suites are an efficient, cost-effective alternative for those who don’t work out of a permanent office, or prefer to have a satellite location to accommodate clients. They can be easily booked online by the hour, day, or week. For entrepreneurs that frequently utilize meeting rooms, packages are available for 8, 16, or 24 hours per month, offering up to a 50% savings on hourly rates. With 24/7 access, you can schedule on your own terms, eliminating the need for traditional business hours and providing your clients with invaluable convenience.

Whiteboards, flat screens, conference phones, free parking, and additional services including notary, copy, fax, translations, catering, and administrative services are also available.


To learn more about on-demand meeting space or to book a meeting room, please visit this link.

Saving Time for Your Business with Lakeside Executive Suites
Posted On May 18, 2016 Posted By: Author

When it comes down to saving time on productivity for your business, we at Lakeside Executive Office Suites are the experts in helping small business owners regain their sanity.

At Lakeside, we are devoted to helping our business clients by handling the usual day-to-day duties so they have the time to focus on the more important work. Let us handle your phone calls, mail, office furniture, internet services, and other miscellaneous tasks!

Want more information about how our services can benefit your business by saving time? Contact us today!

Saving Time For Your Business With Our Lakeside Office Services

Workspace Solutions with Lakeside Executive Suites
Posted On August 15, 2015 Posted By: admin

Lakeside Executive Suites is proud to be South Florida’s premier workspace provider. Whether it’s full-time office space, a virtual office, or a meeting room for the day, we offer a range of options and services designed to help you conduct business your way.

Choosing the ideal workspace solution is an important decision. You must determine what conditions and environment are optimal for you and your business. Fortunately, Lakeside Executive Suites has a host of workspace solutions to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Private Executive Office Space: A private executive office space is the ultimate office experience. With this workspace solution, you get a fully furnished office with individual temperature controls, fast Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi, dedicated local phone number, professional bilingual reception and call answering service, 24/7 access to meeting rooms, online meeting room booking, business lounge with complimentary tea and coffee, free parking, and utilities and janitorial services.

Shared Office Space/Dedicated Desk: Unsure if it’s time to invest in an office or wait? Try a dedicated desk in one of our shared office spaces. You’ll have 24/7 access and work alongside fellow professionals in a spacious office equipped with Wi-Fi. Come and go as you please knowing your desk is always waiting and never occupied by anyone else.

Virtual Office: A virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. The amenities of a virtual office include a prestigious Weston mailing address, live phone answering service, meeting facilities, and a full range of support services. Impress your clients and help your business thrive with this workspace solution.

Coworking Space: A coworking space is ideal for entrepreneurs on the go. More professional than meeting at a coffee shop and more inspiring than working from home, it is a shared business environment that’s quiet, comfortable and designed to make you more productive. Reserve coworking space by the hour, day, week or month. Then, grab a seat anytime and get to work.

Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms are an a la carté option which allows you to reserve a fully equipped office or meeting room by the hour, day, or week. We’ve equipped our meeting rooms with the latest technology and designed them with professional comfort in mind.

The staff at Lakeside Executive Suites welcomes you to come take a tour of our business center, see for yourself which workspace solution best suits your needs, and meet the people that will be hard at work for you and your business. Visit us on the web at or call (954) 389-2511 to learn more.

Renting Meeting and Conference Rooms in Weston – Pros and Cons
Posted On July 27, 2012 Posted By: admin

Book your next meeting with Lakeside and relax.

Meeting rooms provide a wonderful atmosphere for discussing and exchanging ideas. It is the perfect venue for tackling pressing business problems or just keeping in touch with co-workers and clients. Lakeside Executive Suite’s meeting rooms are fully-serviced and equipped with the latest office fixtures, communication and presentation equipment.


Renting a conference or meeting room allows you to choose the perfect venue within short notice. This gives you a convenient location where employees and clients could gather and discuss business transactions.


Fully-serviced meeting rooms are ready to use and comes with all the necessary communication and office equipment. This saves you the cost of setting up a conference or meeting room venue and allows you to focus on the details of your meeting. Renting a meeting room gives you a professional atmosphere that projects a corporate image for your employees and clients.


Lakeside’s meeting rooms come in different space configurations that offer a flexible solution to individual business needs. Businesses have different meeting room requirements and building a full-time meeting or conference may not be practical if this would only be used on a few occasions.


Choosing the perfect meeting room should be based on your personal business requirements. The first thing to consider would be the number of people attending and the equipments needed to facilitate the meeting. The perfect meeting venue should enable you and your co-workers to discuss important business transactions in a professional atmosphere.


Your Trusted Meeting Room Location

Location will always be an important factor and choosing a venue that is easily accessible to major transportation routes makes it easier for participants attending the meeting. A great business location ensures that all participants have easy access to the meeting.


Lakeside Executive Suite’s offers you a wide range of conference and meeting room solutions. We provides businesses with an excellent location for conducting meetings in a professional and corporate atmosphere. To find out more about how renting a meeting or conference room could be the answer for your next business meeting please visit us at

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