Entrepreneurial Motivations

November 15, 2015


What makes someone want to become a business owner and entrepreneur? With rumors of hard work and long hours, something must drive an individual to start something from nothing and venture into the world of self-employment. Here are five reasons that research has shown propel potential entrepreneurs to take the leap…

1. An opportunity to grow professionally

The human mind functions best when in a constant state of learning. Potential entrepreneurs appreciate and understand that information grows at a record pace in almost all businesses and they desire to stay current and relevant. Ambitious learners will seek other opportunities when they feel stifled.

2. Job satisfaction

The key to job satisfaction is knowing yourself and then choosing a work environment that reflects your belief system. Unfortunately, your contentment with your job can be greatly influenced by those who work around you. Being an entrepreneur and business owner means you choose your colleagues and are able to create a work environment that is ideal for you.

3. The need to feel impactful

Everyone desires to make a difference. If you feel like you have something to contribute to your industry, then you want an opportunity to do so. Being your own boss means you choose and create the type of impact you want to make in your field.

4. Desire for greater control

Entrepreneurs want to be in control of their own destiny. If they fail, it’s not because someone didn’t give them the proper opportunity or guidance. Entrepreneurs can take their ideas, avoid company bureaucracy, and put their plans in motion on their own timetable.

5. Expert in your field

Being an expert in your field often times comes with the expectation of admiration and competitive compensation. A competitive salary and benefits will hold potential entrepreneurs for a while, but eventually other intrinsic needs will propel them on to self-employment and business ownership.

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Source: South Florida Business Journal

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