More than ever before, all of us are in the business of selling. In life we sell our ideas and plans to our children and spouses. And in the business world we sell our products and services to our clients. Being able to influence others is part of the selling process, and we can all learn from people who are successful in doing just this. Here are five of the most common traits of successful salespeople:


1. They hustle when others back down.
When times get tough, the unsuccessful want to revert to something familiar and safe. Unfortunately, success isn’t designed to be cozy or safe. It comes to those who take risks and move forward in times of uncertainty. Successful people have a sense of urgency about them. They know how to hustle and adapt to change.


2. They constantly work at being relationship farmers.
Successful salespeople are not pushy. They are constantly creating, building, and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. They think of themselves as farmers—constantly nurturing, caring, and doing the day-to-day tasks to grow a strong relationship further down the road.


3. They thoroughly research their prospects.
The best-kept secret of social media is that it is a brilliant tool for research. With tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you can learn more about your potential clients, what they value, and then make personal connections.


4. They are resilient.
They know they are going to get knocked down every now and then but are willing to get back up and in the game. Smart salespeople learn from their mistakes and better themselves because of them. They know that you don’t get paid for trying; you get paid for results.


5. They embrace technology to help people.
Today technology is integrated into everything we do in business. Top salespeople always have a mindset of how they can use technology to be more productive and help others. While face-to-face interaction is always the preferred method to lay the foundation of a client/sales relationship, the use of technology (via email, live chat, text, etc.) is a great way to help maintain it.


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Source: Austin Business Journal