How Millennials are Changing the Way We Work

May 31, 2017

Jason Tiemeier

You cant look anywhere and see an area in which millennials have not infiltrated our world. From the way they consume voluminous mountains of media, to the way they will take a company to task for unethical practices, its part of a new reality that we have no choice but to embrace. In fact, if youre still holding on to the “tried and true” ways of getting things done, get ready to start letting go. Its all for the greater good, after all.

The truth is, millennials will comprise the majority of the global workforce very, very soon. So it stands to reason, that if we arent paying attention to what they need, theyre just going to pass us by in favor of something they prefer. And what might those things be? Here are a few…

They dont do the nine-to-five

Flexibility is the name of the game: flexible work hours, days, and work spaces, that is. By accommodating remote work (at the very least), or allowing for a flexible work day, you will be encouraging your millennial workforce to work when they are at their most efficient. In fact, many millennials prefer to be their own boss, whether that means starting their own company, or working freelance in the gig economy. In this sense, a flexible workspace makes a lot of sense too. Witness the rise in popularity of coworking, and shared office spaces: this trend is being driven by millennials, who find they can be more productive in the company of others. No matter which way you toss it, flexibility equates with value in the millennial point of view.

Millennials dont have time for idle communication

Forget about email. Its so last decade. Millennials prefer to communicate face-to-face, or by texting. Its about short attention span, in some ways, but it also allows them to get down to business faster. But when you do meet up, prepare to get things done.

Corporate hierarchies are out – collaboration is in

Where previous generations may have followed the traditional corporate track, millennials prefer to work with people they see as peers. This is likely why so many millennials opt to become entrepreneurs, or work on a freelance basis. It allows them the freedom to connect with others who share similar values, ideas, and goals, and from these foundations, many great things could arise. So, if you are looking at this from a corporate standpoint, and wondering how to connect meaningfully with a millennial workforce, listen to what they have to say, give them the chance to be creative, and to collaborate with others towards a common goal, and you will always win.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility and ethical practice rank very high in importance for most millennials. They wont patronize companies they feel dont live up to their promises, or who do business without a conscience. The reasons, the causes, are as individual as the people themselves, but one thing is for sure: authenticity and caring about your customers is paramount. Consider also that almost 85% of millennials have made a charitable donation in the very recent past, and youll get a clear picture of just who they are.

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