On-Demand Meeting Space for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

November 8, 2021

Ysel Hernandez

The global pandemic shifted the way many companies approached business meetings. Most office employees were sent home and expected to use platforms like Zoom to conduct virtual meetings. While there have been many benefits to leveraging this technology, companies are beginning to think about how the post-pandemic office space will look.

Some companies expect to return full-time, but 45 percent have committed to having some form of hybrid work model. This has led employers to consider how and when their team should conduct in-person meetings. For many companies, shared or on-demand meetings rooms can be the perfect solution.

Improved Human Interaction

Virtual meetings lack some key elements that are critical to creating meaningful human connection and interaction. In-person meetings are proven to promote better collaboration and relationship building as they foster open communication, provide non-verbal feedback such as body language and facial expressions, promote attentiveness, and have fewer interruptions from technology issues (or that one employee who always forgets to hit the mute button).

On-demand meeting spaces give you the ability to offer remote or semi-remote working while leveraging the benefits of having in-person meetings as needed. By taking advantage of the best of both worlds, you’ll build a collaborative environment and promote a happy workforce.

Location and Space Flexibility

One of the great benefits of on-demand meeting rooms is the flexibility to select a location that is convenient for the team or clients. This is especially important if your team is spread out across a large geographic territory or your main office is in an inconvenient location for your client. You can also leverage on-demand office spaces if you are visiting from out of town and need a place to meet. In addition to the flexibility of location, you can also choose the size meeting room that you need. Small team huddles may require a small, informal space while an investor presentation might need a larger space equipped with professional audio and video equipment.

Cost Savings

Real estate and office space are a major business expense. While having your own, personal conference room may seem great, it can be a huge waste of money. One study found that conference rooms are unused 55 percent of the time. When factoring in the cost of rent, utilities, cleaning, and repairs, the average cost of this wasted space equates to $14,000 per conference room.

On-demand meeting rooms solve this by allowing companies to only pay for the time and space they use. This can add up to significant costs savings, especially for companies that only need to have face-to-face meetings on occasion.


Some businesses chose to use public spaces such as restaurants or coffee shops to hold meetings. The downside to this is that public spaces create a lot of distractions or interruptions. There is also very little privacy which is a problem if you need to discuss confidential or sensitive information.

With an on-demand meeting space, you have the luxury of having a quiet space that is free from distractions and you don’t need to worry about people eavesdropping on your conversations.


When meeting with clients or prospective investors, you want to ensure that you give a great first impression. Not every business has access to a professional-looking meeting space, so an on-demand meeting room can be a great option. In addition to a well-designed space, the reception staff will be there to greet your guests, offer them water or coffee, and provide any administrative support services you may need.

Personalized Support Services

On-demand meeting spaces provide a la carte services to help support your meeting including notary services, meeting setup, catering, and printing/copying requests. This allows you to spend your focus and attention on attending to your guests or preparing for a big presentation. This is helpful if you are a small business that doesn’t have an administrative team to help execute the meeting.  

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