2013 Ultimate CEO Awards

October 25, 2013


2013 Ultimate CEO Awards

Some of our local business leaders were honored in a fitting fashion earlier this week. The South Florida Business Journal sponsored the event and wrote the following piece on the event and its illustrious group of winners:

The South Florida Business Journal honored its 2013 Broward County Ultimate CEOs during a gala Thursday night at the Broward County Center for the Performing Arts.

Business Journal President and Publisher Melanie Dickinson talked about the incredible lifestyle and quality of businesses in Broward County and how the honorees represented all they key industries that indicate a growing economy.

See the accompanying slideshow for photos of the event. In the upcoming days, the Business Journal will present excerpts of the honorees’ acceptance speeches and the tribute video at the event.

The center was a fitting location for Ultimate CEO because it’s in the middle of a major expansion.

The honorees gave brief remarks upon receiving their awards with pretty much all of them thanking their families for supporting them during the countless hours spent building their businesses. Many of them also spoke about their incredible workforces.

Ron Antevy of e-Builder said his award wouldn’t be possible without the 100 “dedicated amazing people” who work with him.

The growing company, whose technology helps manage major construction projects, currently has about 25 openings.

He also talked about his brother and business partner, John.

“We laugh. We joke. It’s one of the blessing of my job that I come to work every day and relive a part of my youth hanging out with my brother,” Whalen said.

One of his words of wisdom was this saying, “You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.”

Andrea Clark of Health Revenue Assurance Associates talked about how her company grew from eight to 120 employees.

Her father just had surgery at age 76 and her parents, who used to joke that she just flew around the country, now understand all to well the importance of revenue in the health care system.

Gene Gomberg of FirstService Residential said his best decision 17 years ago was partnering with a small public company called FirstService. It started out with four employees and now they are 12,000.

He loves to see employees who have gone way beyond their career expectations after starting at entry level jobs, such as housekeeping.

Pat Kennedy of Weatherby Healthcare said her company is passionate about working with doctor in rural area, who play a critical role in the health care system – sometimes keeping patients alive until emergency helicopter flights arive.

William Scherer of Conrad & Scherer LLP talked about the joy of having two sons in his business.

Pictures also showed how he loves to drive race cares. His dream is to be just like Paul Newman and win an auto race after 80 years old.

David Seleski of Stonegate Bank quipped that when he started a bank, his friends joked, “What’s the matter, no bank will hire you so you have to start your own?”

The bank has rapidly grown to 10 branches and 125 employees and is poised for a significant acquisition.

Amjad Shamin of AAJ Technologies quipped that his super smart technology team who would have fixed the Obamacare website by now.

He gave thanks to his family and joked that a neighbor noticed how hard he works by calling him rent a husband, rent a dad and mystery man.

He gave great philsophical points, saying he tells his sons to respect people no matter whether they are rich or poor.

Kelley Shanley of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts started out as a stagehand and talked about all the supporters engaged in helping the center.

Scott Verner of Nipro Diagnostics praised the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance for paying attention to his company when it was bought by a Japanese company. He’s now fully engaged as an officer with the group.

“Why I never take a day off? It’s because I love what I do. I love the people I work with.”

Michael Whalen Jr. of Paragon Entertainment Group LLC thanked Joe Amaturo for helping him in his business career. The remarks were especially fitting since the awards were handed out in the Amaturo Theater.

“I learned so much about business – how he is a great gentleman and how he handles people,” Whalen said.

Whalen also thanked Mike Wilson, his business partner: “Without his partnership I wouldn’t be here.”

This fantastic group of leaders honor us as representatives of the business community of Broward county. Who will build the next great business story from Broward county. Perhaps one of our very own clients at Lakeside Executive Suites.

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