MLS Soccer Coming to Miami

November 1, 2013


MLS Soccer Coming to Miami

With the Latin American vibe existing in South Florida plus the aura surrounding David Beckham, it is primed to be a fantastic combination to bring back a top-notch MLS soccer team.

David Beckham’s Major League soccer team will be playing out of Miami.

The Bleacher Report citing the Associated Press is reporting that the international soccer icon will locate his team in Miami.

The Daily Mail had reported earlier in October that Beckham was in final negotiations to locate the team in Miami.

Beckham’s L.A. Galaxy contract prior to retirement gave him the option of buying a franchise for $25 million, a bargain compared to the $100 million the owners of the New York Yankees and Manchester City paid for the chance to put New York City FC on the field in 2015.

In May, the international soccer icon was meeting with Marcelo Claure, a billionaire who owns the Bolivar club. The Bolivian contracted with MLS Miami Bid to organize a rally in support of the venture.

Despite the strong foundation of Latin Americans in South Florida, the state has struggled and failed with other teams, specifically the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny. But many believe a combination of more international transplants and Beckham’s rockstar like appeal will help make the Miami franchise a success.

This team will bring an influx of entertainment and business to South Florida. If furthermore the team is competitive and wins playoffs and even Championships, then you will hear many business owners screaming “Gooooooooooollllllll!!!!!”.

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