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Meeting rooms provide a wonderful atmosphere for discussing and exchanging ideas. It is the perfect venue for tackling pressing business problems or just keeping in touch with co-workers and clients. Lakeside Executive Suite’s meeting rooms are fully-serviced and equipped with the latest office fixtures, communication and presentation equipment.


Renting a conference or meeting room allows you to choose the perfect venue within short notice. This gives you a convenient location where employees and clients could gather and discuss business transactions.


Fully-serviced meeting rooms are ready to use and comes with all the necessary communication and office equipment. This saves you the cost of setting up a conference or meeting room venue and allows you to focus on the details of your meeting. Renting a meeting room gives you a professional atmosphere that projects a corporate image for your employees and clients.


Lakeside’s meeting rooms come in different space configurations that offer a flexible solution to individual business needs. Businesses have different meeting room requirements and building a full-time meeting or conference may not be practical if this would only be used on a few occasions.


Choosing the perfect meeting room should be based on your personal business requirements. The first thing to consider would be the number of people attending and the equipments needed to facilitate the meeting. The perfect meeting venue should enable you and your co-workers to discuss important business transactions in a professional atmosphere.


Your Trusted Meeting Room Location

Location will always be an important factor and choosing a venue that is easily accessible to major transportation routes makes it easier for participants attending the meeting. A great business location ensures that all participants have easy access to the meeting.


Lakeside Executive Suite’s offers you a wide range of conference and meeting room solutions. We provides businesses with an excellent location for conducting meetings in a professional and corporate atmosphere. To find out more about how renting a meeting or conference room could be the answer for your next business meeting please visit us at

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